Digitization, decarbonization and decentralization are the trio forces changing the world’s energy landscape. The energy champions of the future will be countries with deliberate strategies to not only conform to the dictates of these forces but lead the change through policy actions, investment in research and development, innovation and citizen…

Energy storage has been fingered as the ‘holy grail’ of the energy transition. In this series, we demystify energy storage technologies and keep you abreast of the developments in the energy storage space.

Renewables like solar and wind technologies are penetrating our power systems in an unprecedented manner and this will continue. A combination of factors is responsible for this trend. Climate change concerns, security of supply, policy and the need to move towards clean energy are some of the key factors. These…

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How to set your business on the sustainability path

In today’s world of business, embedding sustainability practices in your organization goes beyond preserving our planet; it impacts your brand and increases your bottom line. A 2017 research by Unilever revealed that 33% of consumers prefer to buy from brands they…

John Igwebuike

Sustainability |Technology|Energy Transition

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